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Pilgrims and devotees are requested to go to reception to book their room as per requirement by showing your Photo ID. Room check out time is 8am. Single person without proper recommendation we do not keep in our guest house due to security alert. It will be difficult to get accommodation at ISKCON Mayapur during weekends, national holidays, festival days and seasonal vacations.

Accommodation is provided with paid service (Life members rooms are reserved only for life patron members with minimum maintenance charges). Those who do not require room can keep their luggage in the luggage room near shoe stand. They can use free rest rooms. ISKCON Mayapur can accommodate nearly 1000 - 1500 pilgrims. There are 500 rooms inside the campus area. There are many varieties of rooms.

General Room booking

Current booking

  • Pilgrims are requested to go to the Gada Bhavan Reception First floor (Ph: 03472-245495)

Advance reservation:

  • Internet Booking:
  • Over telephone: (03472-245620)

Life members:

  • Vamsi Bhavan Reception (03472-245355)

Kutir Accomodations: 

  • Caitanya Bhavan (03472-245362)
  • Gauranga Kutir (03472-245043)
  • Nithyananda Kutir (03472-245043)