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We see many financially poor dhamvasi and Vaishnava children in and around Sri Mayapur Dham who are talented and desirous of serving Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission while carrying out their material duties religiously. But because they do not have appropriate education due to poverty they find it difficult to serve Srila Prabhupada’s mission in Sri Mayapur in ways commensurate with their talents. Consequently they drop out of their schools, their talents undeveloped and wasted. This is an opportunity to help these students have a bright and Krishna conscious future.

Our Child Education Sponsorship Program can change the lives of children every year with your thoughtful contribution and be a part of this life changing experience.

With just Rs. 900 a month you can provide a child with access to education, clean drinking water, health benefits and better living conditions.

Will you serve a child today?
This is a great social responsibility on your behalf. Understand that this is an investment for a better society.


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