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All the food which is available inside the campus are 100% offered to the deities and 100% Vegetarian (NO onion NO garlic). 

Free Meal:

Free full meal prasadam coupon is available to individuals on first come first serve basis upto max. 500 pilgrims/day @ Radha Madhav Temple Courtyard on 6.00 am everyday. No advance booking. The meals consits of rice, dal, mixed sabji, main seasonal sabji and sweet; which is served daily at "Bhaktivedanta Anna-Dan complex" on 1.00pm. ( It's a project of "Sri Mayapur Food Relief Trust".)

Pilgrims and Life Members

Please obtain your coupon well in advance to help us serve your better. If you are arriving in a group of more than 10 just before prasadam time, please inform the Kitchen so that they can prepare enough prasadam for your group.

  • Gada Kitchen: Timing: 12.30-1.30pm (Lunch Rs.70/-) 12.30- 1.30pm (Special Lunch - Rs.120/-) 8:00 - 8.30pm (Dinner - Rs.50/-) 8.00 -8.30pm (Special Dinner - Rs.120/-)
    (Gada ph: 03472-245494/ 051)  
  • Sulabh Kitchen 9.00am (Breakfast - Rs.30/-) 12.00 noon - 4.00pm (Lunch - Rs.30/-) 
    (sulabh ph. 03472-245212) 
  • Life Member 8.30am 12.30-1.00pm 8.00-8.30pm
    LM Ph: 03472-245355) 

For visiting full time bramachari devotee, please contact Mayapur temple manager along with your respected temple authorities’ recommendation letter for your Breakfast, lunch and dinner prasadam and accomodatin as per availability. 


You are welcome to take prasadam in different prasadam hall. However, we also have a new and improved Govinda’s Restaurant left side of conch building and on the way to goshala, in case you wish to sample other varieties of delicious Krishna prasadam, including bakery items.
Timing: 7am-9pm

Maha prasadam Shop

Visit Maha prasadam shop at Radha Madhava temple courtyard for variety of sweets and bakery items. This prasadam all offered to Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Sri Sri Narasimha deva or Sri Sri Pancha tattva. You can also ask for direct deity prasadam in this shop. Radha Rasamrita It provides delicious hot snacks and variety of sweets. Come and experience it.