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Gaura Purnima Festival 2017 Schedul


17th February                   Devotee’s Arrival

18th to 21st February        Sravana Utsav

22nd February                  Festival Flag Hosting Ceremony/Kirtan Mela Adhivas

23rd to 27th February       Kirtan Mela

27th February                   Parikrama Adhivas

28th Feb to 07th March Nabadvipa Mandala Parikrama

07th to 12th March         Cultural Presentations (dance, drama, etc) (main pandal, 6.30pm to 9pm)

07h March                          Sri Sri Radha Madhav Boat Festival

08th March                         Elephant Procession & Immersion of Ashes of Departed Souls

09th March                         Shantipur Festival

10th March                         Ganga Puja

11th March                         Jagannath Rath Yatra

12th March                         Gaura Purnima

13th March                         Jagannath Misra Feast

14th March                         Devotees Departure

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