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 Adopt a cow or bull through one of the following three options.

For life: Rs. 350,000
One year: Rs. 50,000
One month: Rs. 5,001

In the Vedic literatures repeatedly proclaim that for human beings to be happy they must care for animals, especially cows.

At our Goshala the cows and bulls are living a protected life until their natural death. Now you have the opportunity to help care for Sri Krishna’s most dear creatures, His beloved cows and bulls, the mother and father of humanity.

At present Sri Mayapur Goshala is maintaining a herd of 61 heifers, 83 bullocks, 32 milking cows, over 35 calves and about 60 elderly cows and bulls.

To maintain our growing herd we need your help. Adopt a cow or bull and help make a difference. You may adopt a cow or bull for one month, one year or for its whole lifetime. Your adoption ensures that your cow or bull will be well fed and taken care of for the rest of its life.

Or, you can donate a cow (go-dana):

  • FOR ONE COW ........................................... Rs. 35,555/-

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